[Mailman-Users] missing python-modules on mailmain setup

Jeremy Portzer jeremyp at pobox.com
Mon Dec 2 21:41:55 CET 2002

On Sat, 2002-11-30 at 11:36, Craig Isdahl wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> First off, my linux skills are in the learning stage so this may
> be a very silly question.  I'm trying to setup mailman and I
> have installed apache-1.3.23-14, postfix-1.1.7-2, and
> python-1.5.2-38.  This is RH 7.3 and the installed python is the
> single "python" selection from the RH installation disk.  When I
> tried to install mailman-2.0.13-6.i386.rpm I get:
> [root at lists root]# rpm -Uvh mailman-2.0.13-6.i386.rpm
> error: failed dependencies:
>         crondaemon is needed by mailman-2.0.13-6
>         python-modules is needed by mailman-2.0.13-6
> So I checked the archives and it was suggested I needed to
> install python-devel-1.5.2-38.  I also installed the docs and
> tools for the same version.  I'm still receiving the same error
> as above.
> Two obvious questions:
>  - what is meant by python-modules since I can't seem to find
> them on searches?
>  - I have the crondaemon installed and running, isn't it crond
> below?  If so why the error message?

I think the same discussion applies to both questions.

Where did you get the RPM that you're using?  I don't think you got it
from Red Hat, because mailman-2.0.13-1.i386.rpm is the latest RPM for
Red Hat Linux 7.3.  In general, it's pretty important only to use RPMs
designed for specific Linux distributions, unless you really know what
you're doing.  Please try the Red Hat rpm (the software inside is the
same thing, Mailman 2.0.13) and you shouldn't get the same dependency

To find out information about an RPM's maker, etc., run "rpm -qip
filename.rpm" .  If you run that command on the Red Hat Linux
mailman-2.0.13-1.i386.rpm, you'll see a bunch of EXTREMELY important
setup notes -- things you must do after installing the RPM.  Follow
those instructions!  Don't complain if you don't follow them and stuff
doesn't work!  *grin*

Alternatively, you should consider using the "tar.gz" source version of
mailman, available from any of the mailman distribution sites such as
list.org, instead of an RPM.  This is the version that's more widely
used and supported more commonly on this mailing list.  But I do
understand the many advantages of installing all software via RPM.


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