[Mailman-Users] NAH6 Secure List patch

Rop Gonggrijp rop at gonggri.jp
Mon Dec 2 17:09:49 CET 2002

Hi all,

We've written "NAH6 Secure List", a patch for Mailman 2.1b5 that adds
GPG functionality. It is built around a key-scheme that allows an admin
to create an encrypted list for which even the server operator doesn't
have access to the messages. 

Only the public key for the list is given to the server, so it can
perform 'emergency encryption' in case someone forgets, and all users
get the public and private key for 
the list. 

We think we've done a decent job of describing the new functionality
from server-operator, list-admin and list-member points of view. There's
also a technical 
document for those familiar with the Mailman code. Please have a look


and follow the links from there.

We feel more people need this, and we'd really like it to be part of the
Mailman distribution at some point... 

Kind Regards, 

Rop Gonggrijp 
Joshua Eichen 

Please forgive mangling the Mailman logo on the site: if y'all don't
like it or think it's over the top we'll use something else.... 

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