[Mailman-Users] I am in desperate need of help.

Matthew Davis bigdog at dogpound.vnet.net
Wed Dec 4 14:44:11 CET 2002

We won't make fun of you, but we do want you to read the docs.


There you can add and remove members.  You will have to be a listadmin for you to login to this.

* Lisa Soto (lisasoto2 at msn.com) wrote:
> Good evening,
> I need some help and I hope someone can be of assistance.  It will be GREATLY APPRECIATED.  I have a problem, I am new to the e business, but I am determined to learn.  I have started a new website and will be creating a newsletter thru mailman.  I had a friend create my list, however, how do I send out the newsletter to my subscribers.  Somehow, I cant seem to ad these names to the address book.
> Please do not laugh at me.. :-)  I have tried everything people have suggested, like accessing my emails through Outlook express and managing the newsletter through there.  Only problem is I can receive my emails from my domain, however I cannot send.  So, I am back to the beginning.
> Can someone please help?
Matthew Davis
Building Contractors, not to be confused with homemakers
Wednesday, December 04, 2002 / 08:38AM

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