[Mailman-Users] src.gz on RH6.2 to RPM on RH7.3 upgrade whoes

Gary Stainburn gary.stainburn at ringways.co.uk
Fri Dec 6 10:50:45 CET 2002

On Thursday 05 Dec 2002 5:55 pm, David Gordon wrote:
> Gary Stainburn gary.stainburn at ringways.co.uk wrote on Thu 5 Dec 2002 at
> 17:12 +0000
> >[Tue Dec  3 16:44:46 2002] [error] [client] Premature end of
> script
> >headers: /var/mailman/cgi-bin/listinfo
> >
> >I've run check_db on each of my lists without problems reported
> >I've run check_perms without problems reported
> People here who know better than me will tell you "it's a permissions
> thing".
> I had similar problems, check_perms not fixing them. My host told me I
> had to have the cgi-bin for Mailman set to 0755. Then it all worked.
> Something to do with the way my (Virtual) server is set up.
> I don't understand why, but it worked for me!

Thanks for that Dave,

I've checked all the permissions look fine.
All the files are owned by either root:root or root:mailman. Is that right?

Also, I forgot to mention in my OP that when I first installed everything, 
listinfo (or something) ran but I got an error message telling me that the 
uid and gid that the cgi was running didn't match the uid/gid in the config 

To fix this, I added a 'user' and a 'group' clause to my vhost section. Was 
that the right thing to do?

Gary Stainburn
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