[Mailman-Users] autorespond_requests in 2.1x

Mark Geisinger list-mailman at lanbytes.com
Sun Dec 8 18:02:45 CET 2002


Is autorespond_requests broken in 2.1x, or do I perhaps misunderstand its
purpose? I'm using 2.1b4 and would like to avoid having a request autoresponse
sent to a subscribe request, or for any other request.

What's happening is that anything send to the -subscribe, or -request, aliases
is send an autoresponse with the original message attached, in addition to the
normal response. I did a db dump and verified that autorespond_requests = 0.

I don't recall this being the case in v2.0.13. Am I missing something in 2.1x?

Best regards,

list-mailman at lanbytes.com

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