[Mailman-Users] Configuration

Edwin Humphries edwin at ironstone.com.au
Mon Dec 9 08:05:14 CET 2002


I'm trying to install mailman to manage a couple of mailing lists. We've got it installed, and run 
the tests (etc). Setting up a test list results in an email giving URls for the web configuration 
facility, which appears to work fine, and the subscribe page.  Subscribing to it results in an 
email which give the test at servername and test-request at servername links. Neither work, giving a 
"550 5.1.1 <email address>... User unknown" error.

Am I missing something here? Surely mailman doesn't requrie the test at servername and test-
request at servername to be configured manually on the server!

It's a RH7.2 server, running sendmail and apache. We're running mailman-2.0.13, the redhat rpm 
downloaded from rpmfind.net

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