[Mailman-Users] Bad Archive link in moved lists?

Liam Routt liam at routt.net
Mon Dec 9 08:06:58 CET 2002

I've moved some lists from one machine (zephyr) to another one (alita) and 
in the process I've upgraded to MM2.1b5. All is well with some of the 
lists, so far, but I have noticed that with some of the lists the "Go to 
list archives" link on the admin pages, and the list Archives link on the 
listinfo page, show the old zephyr link. That is a problem as that machine 
isn't alive right now...

Any idea why some of the lists have migrated fine and others not?

And, how can I fix up the links for the pages which are wrong?

Take care,

Liam Routt                                               liam at routt.net
Darcsyde Productions                     http://www.routt.net/Caligari/

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