[Mailman-Users] anonymous posting and web posting to Mailman

Elaine Miller elaine at elainemiller.com
Tue Dec 10 07:43:38 CET 2002

This thread came up a while back, and I said I'd trundle off and play with 
the idea.

I've got it working now, in the simplest way I could think, with the 
latest version of Formmail.

In short, posting can be done from within an .htaccess protected 
directory, and the user can type in their own subscr*bed email address

...or Formmail can be tweaked to send with a single email address (like 
anonymous at domain.com) to the list address, which would have to have 
anonymous at domain.com as a subscr*ber.

Not a high-security workaround!

If the above isn't clear, drop me a note and I'll send you samples.


Elaine Miller; Geek.
elaine at dyketech.com

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