[Mailman-Users] wishlist addition

Jeff Stern jstern at aris.ss.uci.edu
Tue Dec 10 00:20:07 CET 2002

hi, i didn´t see this on http://mailman.sourceforge.net/todo.html but it 
would be nice if, with mailman´s archives pages (whether organized by 
thread, subject, or author, or date) the user were not limited to 
searching by month only.

for instance, on the mailman-based mailing list, ¨gimp-user¨, for the 
gnome ¨gimp¨ project (http://www.gimp.org), you can go to that mailing 
list´s archives, at http://lists.xcf.berkeley.edu/lists/gimp-user/ . but 
if you want to do a search for the word, ´startup´ (such as discussions 
on the gimp startup options), you have to painstakingly click through 
searches on **1 month at a time**. (i would use the htdig search 
facility they added, but it is broken as of today).

for instance, i click on ¨View by Thread¨ under ¨December 2002¨. then 
getting to that month, i hit ¨Ctrl-F¨ in my browser to search through 
the message subject headers for my word. not finding it, i have to back 
out and choose november 2002. and so on, all the way back to november 
1997, when that list apparently started.

it would be nice if i could get in a single page a listing of subject 
headers for the full archive, from the web site, and be able to use my 
browser´s Ctrl-F search function on that single page. i realize for some 
lists it would be long, and with a simple warning, the user would be 
forewarned, and could continue if she/he wanted.

jeff stern

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