[Mailman-Users] Hardware

Richard Barrett R.Barrett at ftel.co.uk
Thu Dec 12 16:48:32 CET 2002

At 15:15 12/12/2002, jsingh wrote:

>Hi Everybody
>    I needed some input as to what kind of hardware I should buy for my 
> mailman project. We will be hosting about 7000 lists with approximately 
> 10-15 users in each list. If anyone is hosting the same or almost the 
> same number of lists, I would like to know what kind of hardware and OS 
> they are using for their lists. I figure the biggest issue is the MTA 
> with all the virus checking.

How much traffic the lists are going to see, the size of postings to them, 
whether you  intend to maintain list archives on the machine, whether you 
plan on using the builtin pipermail archiver or an external archiver such 
as MHonArc are also pertinent issues. 

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