[Fwd: [Mailman-Users] Mailman + Exim problem]

opiela at attbi.com opiela at attbi.com
Thu Dec 12 20:45:00 CET 2002

Resend in case anyone has any ideas.

"opiela at attbi.com" wrote:
> Mailman version 2.0.13
> Exim version 3.12
> Python version 2.1.3
> How can I tell Mailman to use the localhost of mydomain.net instead
> of machinename.mydomain.net? I've changed the DEFAULT_HOST_NAME and
> DEFAULT_URL to mydomain.net in the mm_cfg.py file, but it doesn't
> seem to have any affect.
> I've also changed the "Host name this list prefers." and
> "Base URL for Mailman web interface" in the admin web page to be
> the mydomain.net, but that also seems to have no effect.
> Reason I'm asking: my isp is refusing to relay outbound messages with
> the localhost set to machinename.mydomain.net. It'll work with the
> localhost set to mydomain.net.
> How can I tell Mailman to use mydomain.net?
> Thanks
> Rob

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