[Mailman-Users] wishlist addition

Richard Barrett r.barrett at openinfo.demon.co.uk
Thu Dec 12 21:25:02 CET 2002

At 23:20 09/12/2002, Jeff Stern wrote:
>hi, i didn´t see this on http://mailman.sourceforge.net/todo.html but it 
>would be nice if, with mailman´s archives pages (whether organized by 
>thread, subject, or author, or date) the user were not limited to 
>searching by month only.
>for instance, on the mailman-based mailing list, ¨gimp-user¨, for the 
>gnome ¨gimp¨ project (http://www.gimp.org), you can go to that mailing 
>list´s archives, at http://lists.xcf.berkeley.edu/lists/gimp-user/ . but 
>if you want to do a search for the word, ´startup´ (such as discussions on 
>the gimp startup options), you have to painstakingly click through 
>searches on **1 month at a time**. (i would use the htdig search facility 
>they added, but it is broken as of today).

I've taken a quick look at the gimp lists and they appear to be using the 
Mailman-Htdig integration patches (#444879 and #444884) posted on sourceforge.

They also appear to have an installation or setup problem as the per list 
search indexes do not appear to be being rebuilt regularly with the 
relevant cron script and the htsearch cgi program is not able to find the 
per list search config file and indexes.

Were these problems not present you would be able to search the archives as 
you wish, courtesy of Htdig.

On the assumption that they have not noticed, I've emailed the list owner 
to advise them of the problems.

>for instance, i click on ¨View by Thread¨ under ¨December 2002¨. then 
>getting to that month, i hit ¨Ctrl-F¨ in my browser to search through the 
>message subject headers for my word. not finding it, i have to back out 
>and choose november 2002. and so on, all the way back to november 1997, 
>when that list apparently started.
>it would be nice if i could get in a single page a listing of subject 
>headers for the full archive, from the web site, and be able to use my 
>browser´s Ctrl-F search function on that single page. i realize for some 
>lists it would be long, and with a simple warning, the user would be 
>forewarned, and could continue if she/he wanted.
>jeff stern

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