[Mailman-Users] Wildcard additions to allow posting?

Bruce bestb at sympatico.ca
Fri Dec 13 17:37:06 CET 2002

Our organization recently changed its email addresses from
user at oldname.net to user at newname.net. We have a number of mailman
mailing lists, and have moved the subscriptions from oldname.net to

For reasons I am not quite sure, many users emails are still identified
as coming from user at oldname.net. As we have posting restricted to list
members, these posts get held for approval.

To deal with this at the moment, is it possible to put in the
"additional posters" field (the field in the privacy configuration after
"member_posting_only" that doesn't seem to have a name) a wildcard or
regexp to allow anyone from @oldname.net to post to the list?? Or do I
need to resubscribe all the old email addresses??



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