[Mailman-Users] Updating 1.x -> 2.0.13

Jon Carnes jonc at nc.rr.com
Mon Dec 16 02:08:25 CET 2002

Your best bet is to use the admin tools and dump out the database to text -
or at least the members.  You might want to go through the web admin and
mark the users that are nomail or digest only.  The simply recreate the list
in 2.0.13 and import the users using the user_add command line option (and
telling it not to send out welcome messages).

You'll need to let the users know what is going on just in case they see
some weirdness.

Good Luck
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on an old server, theres workin an old mailman 1.x (?). Because I want to
this server off, I want to backup the lists with its members, passwords an

On a new RedHat 8 server, theres workin the latest 2.0.13 mailman fine. Now,
want to import the lists from my old server. Simply copiing the
lists-directory from the old into the new lists-directory doesn't work ;-)

Can s.o. tell me step-by-step, what to do ?

Thanks !


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