[Mailman-Users] Using external archive program

Ed Leafe ed at leafe.com
Mon Dec 16 20:49:03 CET 2002

	I'm in the process of moving a mailing list to Mailman. This list has 
been active for over 3 years, and has almost 90,000 messages archived 
in a MySQL database. I'd like to continue to archive messages into this 
database, so I've been playing around with the PUBLIC_EXTERNAL_ARCHIVER 
setting in mm_cfg.py. I've been able to get it to send the listname to 
the external script that will parse the message and insert it into the 
database, but how do I get the content of the message? My current 
setting reads:

PUBLIC_EXTERNAL_ARCHIVER = '/home/mailman/myarchive.py %(listname)s'

	I've tried to RTFM and STFW, but haven't found anything along these 

  Ed Leafe

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