[Mailman-Users] list member unable to post

David LeVine dhl at SPHDS.Org
Tue Dec 17 20:30:32 CET 2002

I've set up a small list and set it so that only members can post.  I am a
member of the list and I happen to read my mail on the same machine that is
the list server.  Whenever I try to post to the list, it responds that I am
not a member of the list and that the moderator needs to approve the post.
Since the mail is being delivered locally, sendmail appears to be stripping
off the domain portion of my address prior to passing it along to mailman.
I've tried adding my username sans domain as a member of the list but mailman
doesn't appear to allow that.  Any suggestions or pointers to FAQs would be
most appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

dhl at sphds.org

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