[Mailman-Users] Problem with SunOs

Alan DuBoff aland at SoftOrchestra.com
Wed Dec 18 03:07:14 CET 2002

On Tuesday 17 December 2002 17:54, John Buttery wrote:
>   No point, just wanted to point out that normally high-s/n-ratio list
> is having a bit of a surreal day.  :) 

No $#!T...I was wondering if this was idiot day or what...?

I just subscribed to this list to fix a problem with private archives, and I 
*DID* search through the FAQ and look for a solution myself and tried to 
searchable archives but couldn't find anything. Thankfully Dave Sherohman 
replied and helped me.

Then today a rash of idiots post here. Is it always like that on 

Even one guy works at a law firm and sent out what he though was his 
password. Now that takes brains...I had heard it was hard to pass the 
bar...go figure...<LOL!> Not to mention he could have searched the FAQ and 
found a solution...contact your administrator if you aren't one!;-)

Heck, I tried to add my proplem to the FAQ and it wouldn't accept my password 
for some reason (yes, I know what it is;-), so sent the info to the FAQ owner 
so that it could get added and possibly help others out.


Alan DuBoff
Software Orchestration, Inc.
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