[Mailman-Users] Jaguar command lines trouble

Stephen Lu stevelu at amamedia.org
Wed Dec 18 04:43:17 CET 2002

MacOS X 10.2.2
Mailman 2.0.13
Python 2.2
Sendmail 8.12.2

When I try to use add_members or remove_members via command lines instead of
going through the web interface, the process hangs up and doesn't respond.
When I cancel out of there, and try to sign in through the web interface, it
also hangs and just waits for the server to respond. Other command line
processes seem to respond fine still.

However, I can sign into other lists and work with other lists fine via the
web, only the list that I was working with using add_members or
remove_members command does not respond. I checked the list's db with
check_db, and that said the dbs were fine.

I checked for processes, ps -axg, but showed no unusual processes except for

391 con- Z      0:00.00  (write_store)

which I don't believe I've ever seen before. Try killing it says "No such

Please help. Do I have to redo the list?


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