[Mailman-Users] installation trouble

Mat Harris mat.harris at genestate.com
Wed Dec 18 10:33:42 CET 2002

i have just installed mailman 2.0.13-1 from the redhat 7.3 rpms onto my
redhat 7.3 box.

I have created a virtual domain in apache set to run as user mailman and
group mailman.

If i try to access the test.cgi script under normal cgi i get internal
server error (permission denied) but with mode_perl i get the env test page.

however any attempt to access any of the python programs and I get internal
server error:

Unrecognized character \x7F at /var/mailman/cgi-bin/admin.cgi line 1.

what does this mean and how can I get rid of it. It is not unique to this
install either. i have had the same problem two other times I have tried to
put it on other machines (and given up)

thanks in advance

Mat Harris			OpenGPG Public Key ID: C37D57D9
mat.harris at genestate.com	www.genestate.com	
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