[Mailman-Users] Mailman post configuration problem

Bruno António bantonio at di.fc.ul.pt
Thu Dec 19 20:48:12 CET 2002

        I have configured mailman and I have everything running except 
the most important thing when a send an e-man to the list, the members 
do not receive the message, the smtp-failure log shows the following.

    Dec 19 19:24:01 2002 (23465) -1 john_doe at hotmail.com (ignore)
    Dec 19 19:24:02 2002 (23464) -1 aretta_frankiln at hotmail.com (ignore)

    The smtp log shows this

    Dec 19 19:43:03 2002 (23704) All recipients refused: (111, 
'Connection refused')
    Dec 19 19:43:03 2002 (23704) smtp for 1 recips, completed in 0.005 

    The problem could be the machine, but when i send a mail to someone 
using the mail command that person receives it. I am using a server with 
Red Hat Linux 7.1 and the mailer is sendmail.

    Can someone give me an hint in where the problem is? Thanks in advance.

Bruno António,
Administração de Sistemas do Dep. de Informática da Fac. de Ciências da
Universidade de Lisboa,
Campo Grande Bloco C5 piso 1 sala 5.1.25B 1749-016 Lisboa - Portugal
Tel: +351 217500513 Fax: +351 217500084

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