[Mailman-Users] answers???

Marci O'Daffer mjo at kalico.net
Fri Dec 20 00:07:29 CET 2002

Hi Morgan, thanks but someone has now answered them. I appreciate the 
help. :)

As for selling Mailman, I don't. It's just recently been added as an 
upgrade to the Appies web site management software, of which I'm a user. 
I'm also Manging Director of a company that offers Appies on every 
hosting account. There is no additional charge for it, nor for the many 
other features in Appies or future upgrades (since I started using 
Appies in September, the creator has added several new features, none of 
which have required additional charges). In a similar situation, I've 
used Mailman for quite some time in the CPanel web site manager, which 
isn't as feature rich overall as Appies, but does include Mailman along 
with other free and GNU software programs. This is a fairly common 
scenario in hosting.

Mailman doesn't have a paid support option that I'm aware of, but if 
there is one, please let me know. I'm not trying to get something for 
nothing, but this is GNU software, after all.....

Thanks again, and Merry Christmas!
Marci :)

Morgan Fletcher wrote:
> "Marci O'Daffer" <mjo at kalico.net> writes:
>>I have seen a lot of questions posted here in the past few days since
>>I joined, but no answers. I've personally posted two questions, and
>>have received no answers. Are there any list moderators? Anyone to
>>answer questions for us newbies?
> What are your questions again?
> Remember, this is free.
>>Appies(tm) Web Site Manager includes Mailman on all hosting accounts!
> You're asking for free help for something you then sell. 
> :)
> I am no expert. I have mailman successfully serving mailing lists, and
> I have fallen in enough pits with mailman to know some of the
> pitfalls.  
> Let's hear those questions again.
> Morgan

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