[Mailman-Users] upgrading lists

Ron Smits rons at ronsmits.com
Sun Dec 22 18:25:57 CET 2002


I have been running mailman 1.1rc1 for far too long :) but I do not want
to blindly update. So I wanted to upgrade only one list. Steps I
undertook are:

     1. find a machine ( :) )
     2. install python, apache, mailman and exim
     3. create a new list, test, works :)
     4. tar up a list from 1.1 and untar it in $MAILMAN/lists. This
        actually works. the list is know, but......

All the member links still point to the old install (so instead of them
pointing to //http://pc15/mailman/admin/tpe/members?letter=g they point
to http://<old-domain-name>/mailman/admon/tpe/members?letter=g) How do I
correct this?
I already changed in general options the host_name option. but that had
no effect.

Any ideas anyone?

Ron Smits
www: www.ronsmits.org and www.ron-kitten.net

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