[Mailman-Users] Newbie question

Danny Terweij danny at terweij.nl
Tue Dec 24 03:04:54 CET 2002

From: "Rob Jolliffe" <robert at creativemfg.ca>

> Here is my question.  [Perhaps it's even more an SMTP question than a
> question, if so please point me to the right list or newsgroup.]

> I have a list with 1000 members on Yahoo groups (yech!).  I want to move
> list on to my own server.  My SMTP server is going to be my ISP's server
> will be double checking with them) not my own.  When I send a 10k message
> the 1000 users,  will my Mailman send a single message to the SMTP server
> with 1000 addresses attached (or 100 or 50 as per my configuration) or
> it send 1 message per domain with the addresses attached?

I have a simular setup.

Lets explain only my outbound mail :)

-Generated outgoing mailmessage by mailman
-Send by mailman to my sendmail (same machine as mailman)
-Sendmail forwards all outgoingmail to main mailserver (w2k server with
Mailtraq Version 1)
-All outgoing mail from mailman domain is send to my backup mailserver
(Mailtraq Version 2 on Windows XP)
-Mailtraq Version 2 Sends it to my ISP smtp server.
I have on Mailtraq 2 configured only 2 parallel outgoing connections (i have
only 12kb/sec upstream).
On Mailtraq Version 1 machine, i have more outgoing connections so my
personal mail will be send immediatly instead of queued after a lot of
mailman messages.

Incomming mailman mail is about the same way  but not routed though Mailtraq
2 server :)

But instead of Microsoft software it can be done with sendmail too, i think.

I just wanted to sepparate normal mail and mailinglistmail, and it's working
well :)

So just 1 outgoing message with many receipients in it. (limited at 300 per
mail at mm_cfg.py)
At the beginning i did use MX resolvings. Yech! took me hours to send out
the mail.
Now i am happy and is running for a few month.


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