[Mailman-Users] Newbie question

Jon Carnes jonc at nc.rr.com
Tue Dec 24 16:30:20 CET 2002

The way Mailman works by default is that it will break the message out
by domain.  Thus it will send one message to each domain - up to a
maximum of 100 folks at one domain, this is set in

If there are 14 folks at one domain then only one message will be sent
to that domain's Mail server.  If there are 140 folks at one domain,
then two messages will be sent to that domain's mail server.

Bandwidth is not a normal concern for Mail servers since mail is a
"store and forward" service. If you have a need for large messages to
flow out quickly then bandwidth becomes a concern.

Also of concern in that case is tweaking Sendmail and your production
environment so that it handles mail as quickly as possible.  That being
the case, you should look at running Postfix (which comes optimized),
and also look at running a caching DNS server on the same machine as

Good Luck! - Jon Carnes

On Mon, 2002-12-23 at 15:39, Rob Jolliffe wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I have a bandwidth question.  My searches of the archives and google turned 
> up very little.  I did see the one FAQ entry that seemed to deal with this - 
> but I thought I should ask for clairification.
> Here is my question.  [Perhaps it's even more an SMTP question than a mailman 
> question, if so please point me to the right list or newsgroup.]
> I have a list with 1000 members on Yahoo groups (yech!).  I want to move this 
> list on to my own server.  My SMTP server is going to be my ISP's server (I 
> will be double checking with them) not my own.  When I send a 10k message to 
> the 1000 users,  will my Mailman send a single message to the SMTP server 
> with 1000 addresses attached (or 100 or 50 as per my configuration) or will 
> it send 1 message per domain with the addresses attached?
> If anyone is running such a list (about 40 to 60 messages per day,  maybe 5k 
> average size,  1000 users) what bandwidth do you find is sufficient.  Just 
> doing the straight math results in a requirement of 1 Mb per minute (174kB 
> per second) upload speed to deliver messages within a 5 minute window.  This 
> is pretty high bandwidth imho.  Does a mailing list really require this kind 
> of thruput?
> Thanks very much
> -Rob
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