[Mailman-Users] Newbie question

Jon Carnes jonc at nc.rr.com
Tue Dec 24 17:58:00 CET 2002

On Tue, 2002-12-24 at 11:01, Rob Jolliffe wrote:
> Hi,
> On 24 Dec 2002 at 10:30, Jon Carnes wrote:
> Subject:        	Re: [Mailman-Users] Newbie question
> From:           	Jon Carnes <jonc at nc.rr.com>
> To:             	robert at creativemfg.ca
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> > The way Mailman works by default is that it will break the message out
> > by domain.  Thus it will send one message to each domain - up to a
> > maximum of 100 folks at one domain, this is set in
> > ~mailman/Mailman/mm_cfg.py. 
> Thanks for the reply.  You say "by default."  Does this mean that it can be 
> configured to NOT break messages into the domains and let the SMTP server do 
> that instead?
> Thanks
> -Rob

In this case, the "non-default" is to break out the messages by
individual sender (what they now call personalization mode).

For your use, default should work okay.  Also, you should setup Sendmail
(or whatever MTA you are using) to use your ISP's Mail service as a
"smart relay".  That way, mailman will break out all the messages via
domain and send one message to each domain.

Each Mailing list message will be dropped off with your MTA (the local
Sendmail install).  Sendmail will see that the messages are not local
and forward them to your ISP's Mail service.  Your ISP will receive the
messages and do all the heavy lifting of DNS look-ups and different Mail
server communications.


Jon Carnes

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