[Mailman-Users] got AOL subscribers? read this - Important

Russell Persson russell at delge.com
Mon Dec 23 02:06:17 CET 2002

Sorry if this has been discussed already, but I came across something
tonight that I thought I should pass along.

re: Question marks in URLs in HTML emails bounced by AOL

AOL members on my mailman lists were not getting some HTML emails. Turns
out, after a couple hours of sending various sizes and shapes of HTML emails
from mailman to an AOL account, that AOL was bouncing emails (silently) if
there was a URL in the HTML that contained a "?". I assume it's because
malicious content can follow a question mark. Anyway, I got around the
problem by using a redirect on my site which points to the original URL that
contains the "?".

I searched around for help on this but I didn't find any, so I figured I
should post it to this list. Hope it hasn't been covered a hundred times


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