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Dan Gaskell dan at enewsletterresource.com
Mon Dec 23 15:55:03 CET 2002


I have mailman available to me under my host service - PeopleHost.com. 
Althought there are many fine features to your mail list service, I only want a 
few basic things: Users that can subscribe and/or unsubscribe, a confirmation 
email for them to respond, a welcome note after final cofirmation, a "sorry to 
see you go" email after they unsubscribe and a way to automatically manage the 
list (bounces, etc.). I do not need the members being able to post messages, 
passwords and so forth.

I know that Mailman does all this and more, but I simply want  those few items. 
What is they way that I can have these things? Any suggestions?


Dan Gaskell
dan at enewsletterresource.com

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