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schuetzen - RKBA! chasm at texas.net
Wed Dec 25 19:49:12 CET 2002

you know, when all is said and done, all that most of us want is the same
software that was on onelist or perhaps the improvements made by the egroups
team.  I would feel that I had gone to heaven if I could get Yahoo's elist
software with the banners, etc stripped off.

does anyone know how any of the above might be accomplished??

iow, I do not really know that Yahoo has any right to keep the basic Mailman
scripts out of the public purview.  they probably could claim some right to any
changes that they have made to what they bought with the elists from egroups.

could anyone give me a reasoned explanation of how they can keep that software
from us or why, we cannot reverse engineer what they have now?

(I am on old subscriber to "you never know what you can get until you ask")



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