[Mailman-Users] How many is too many?

The Berean tseh_dek at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 27 21:29:31 CET 2002

> I don't mean to be pedantic, but you used the term
> "listserv" eight times in your note.  Listserv is a
>registered trademark for mailing list manager
>software by Lsoft Inc.

It's funny, because I just learned that last night
while I was doing some research.  I always thought it
was a generic term to describe a generic email
discussion list.  Now I'm gonna get beat over the head
for being an utter moron.  :-O

Regarding my question,  I guess I need to find some
resources that can help me make an assessment on what
would be an acceptable limit for how large my
listse...err email discussion group list forum
whatever should be.  :D

Happy New Year,


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