[Mailman-Users] Re: Mailman rejects one list name

Barry A. Warsaw barry at zope.com
Mon Dec 30 03:40:05 CET 2002

>>>>> "G" == Grant  <preyforme at hotmail.com> writes:

    G> [error] [client w.x.y.z] Premature end of script headers:
    G> admin, referer: http://abc.org/mailman/admin/123/ [info]
    G> (104)Connection reset by peer: core_output_filter: writing data
    G> to the network

    G> The reason I'm writing to this list instead of apache... is
    G> that any other mailing list works perfectly.

Look in your Apache logs for details.  I just tried this myself in
MM2.1 and it worked for me.


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