[Mailman-Users] can't resolve "smrsh: mailman not available for sendmail programs" issue

Larry Rosenman ler at lerctr.org
Mon Dec 30 04:38:21 CET 2002

--On Sunday, December 29, 2002 19:31:51 -0800 Keith Steward 
<ksteward at keithsteward.com> wrote:

> Larry,
> BINGO!  You hit the nail on the head !!! Problem solved!
Glad I could help!.
> Your comment prompted me to review the smrsh.c code within the sendmail
> distribution.  When CMDDIR is not defined by the OS (I couldn't find in
> in any system *.h files), then in smrsh.c it defaults to /usr/adm/sm.bin/
> .  Even though RedHat7.2 already has an /etc/smrsh/ directory (including
> a link entry there for slocal), the Sendmail (at least the 8.11.6 version
> I downloaded and installed) was not using that directory.  Instead, it
> was looking for the default /usr/adm/sm.bin/.  The /etc/smrsh/ directory
> was a red herring!  Once I created the /usr/adm/sm.bin, and chmod 755
> (recommended by the smrsch/README within Sendmail), and then set up the
> symbolic link in there:     mailman -> /usr/local/mailman/mail/mailman
> the problem disappeared.
Damnit, I hate it when that happens.  I think it's supposed to be defined 
within SENDMAIL's
buildtools stuff....

BUT, even looking in my 8.12.6 tree nothing defines it.

Glad you found it, and you are on your way.


> Thanks!!!
My pleasure.

> -keith

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