[Mailman-Users] MM 2.0.13 > Footer variables.

Marco Trevisan | Bazzmann.Com info at bazzmann.com
Mon Dec 30 08:29:23 CET 2002

Hi all!
This is my first message in the list, I wish to thanks the whole
crew of Mailman for the great work they done, do and will do. :)

I'm not a deep developer, so I need help from you. I wish to
apply a footer like this one used on this list, with e-mail
user and personal link to user preferences.

This is the part of footer I like to apply:

"This message was sent to: info at bazzmann.com
Unsubscribe or change your options at

There are some variable I lost or still I don't know, or it's a feature
that is not available on 2.0.13 version?

Thanks in advance,

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