[Mailman-Users] How to move or delete a list completely

Lukas Ruf ruf at rawip.org
Tue Dec 31 14:04:29 CET 2002

Dear all,

switching from majordomo to Mailman, I had to setup a bunch mailing
lists.  Thanks to 2.1rc1 nearly everything wen smoothly.

However, I created a mailing list under a wrong virtual web-address.
So, the mailing list appears under the wrong virtual host section when
typing <http://.../mailman/listinfo>.  Which is wrong.

Since it is an empty mailing list, I could either delete the mailing
list and set it up again -- or move it if this was possible.  (I
prefer the first).

How can I delete a mailing list completely?

Lukas Ruf
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