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Tue Dec 31 12:14:17 CET 2002

Is there a way to run Mailman on server with Python 1.5.2 my delicated
server use Ensim with  Python 1.5.2 internally for mostly all functions
I had contact with the company there the server runs and this is there
reply on my qouestion to upgrade my server to the newest Python :
Hi Rob,
to use MailMan, it's neccessary to have Python 2.1.x or higher installed
- on your Server is the stable Python 1.5.2 (comes with Ensim)
If you really like to run MailMan - it's a little tricky, because Ensim
use Python 1.5.2 internally for mostly all functions !!! 
so i'm personally a little scary to update Python :-) i had a simmilar
experience with a Perl Update on a Ensim Server :-(
the only idea i have is to do a parallel installation of Python 2.2.2 -
and point MailMan to this installation - but i'm NOT sure about this ! 
it's also a little dangerous and timecomsuming task (expect 2-3 hours) -
and i did't want to break your servers config !!!
If there is any way - i would suggest to use a PHP script - if there is
any outthere ... or Majordomo 
warmest regards
Erich Fuchs
We want to run  email discussionsgroups on our http://veteransgroups.com
<http://veteransgroups.com/>  server it's a non-profit server only for
allied war-veterans, most of our groups are, on this moment, on
Yahoogroups, but we have many problems with the sending and receiving of
the mail, sometimes we have to wait seven of eight hours to receive a
mail, and that is very tricky when there is a emotional discussion going
on, In your software we find all the topics we need, 
Is there a way to solve this problem?, or  do you know another program
that runs e.g on PHP or PERL with the same classifications as Mailman?
Please reply,
Warmest regards and a happy New Year,
Rob Stolk
Webowner Veteranen.info, War-Veterans.info, Veteransgroups.com
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