[Mailman-Users] Email addresses that get modified by outgoing server cause subscr iption problems

chris.gray at amd.com chris.gray at amd.com
Tue Dec 31 19:15:20 CET 2002

I have a small problem. When users subscribe to my list they will use say "
<mailto:cgray at foo.bar> cgray at foo.bar". The subscription process works...
however... unbeknownst to the user... their subscription email address is
should really be "cgray at mail.foo.bar <mailto:cgray at mail.foo.bar> ".
So what happens, is cgray at foo.bar <mailto:cgray at foo.bar>  is a member... and
cgray at mail.foo.bar <mailto:cgray at mail.foo.bar>  is not allowed to post. I
did a brief search on Usenet and the faqs and couldn't come up with he
correct search combination to find my answer. How can I allow foo.bar as my
posting address and not mail.foo.bar?
Can anyone provide some insight for me?
Thanks in advance... please respond to my email address as I am not on the
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