[Mailman-Users] Re: Question about Mailman !!

Barry A. Warsaw barry at python.org
Tue Dec 31 23:49:25 CET 2002

>>>>> "PHB" == Paul H Byerly <paul at thcwd.com> writes:

    PHB> Barry wrote:
    >> I don't know anything about Ensim, but if it's even remotely
    >> Unix-y,

    PHB>       Ensim is software that is used to make a server do
    PHB> virtual hosting.  There are both Linux and Windows versions.
    PHB> Mine, and many, run with Red Hat Linux 7.x.

Thanks for the info!

    >> you should be able to do an "altinstall" of Python 2.2.2 in
    >> /usr/local.  E.g.: ./configure make make altinstall

    PHB>       I love this list!  Never seen an altinstall mentioned,
    PHB> but they I'm still crawling.  Apparently this does the same
    PHB> thing as make install except it does not create (or replace)
    PHB> a hard link of the new version to "python".

Exactly.  It lets you have multiple versions of Python living in the
same directory.  Do a regular "make install" for you main one, and
altinstalls for all your alternatives.  You don't wanna know how many
are in my /usr/local/bin! :)
    PHB> Doing some searching on this I'm seeing reference to using
    PHB> the --prefix option with configure to name the directory that
    PHB> it will be installed to.  Is this necessary, or is it only
    PHB> for installing the files in a directory other than the
    PHB> current one?

--prefix on either Python's or Mailman's configure just says to put
*everything* under the specified directory.  By default Python's
prefix is /usr/local while Mailman's is /usr/local/mailman.

Using --prefix is a good way to make sure that Python is completely
distinct and separate from any other, so it's another way to go if you


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