[Mailman-Users] Apache Alias

Erik van der Meulen e.van.der.meulen at avondel.nl
Fri Feb 1 11:30:26 CET 2002

Dear List - this is a RTFM I know, but in case of Apache the FM is
hudge, so I hope somebody can pull this right out of the hat...

My Mailman (1.1) documentation reads:

   Configure your Web server to point to the Pipermail public
   mailing list archives:
   For example, in Apache:
     Alias /pipermail/ $prefix/archives/public/

My question is: in what file does this go, and where exactly?
I have access.conf and httpd.conf

Other thing is that I would like to alias the name:
www.myhost.nl/cgi-bin/mailman to something a little
easier like www.myhost.nl/mailman. Again, I would
like to know how to do this in Apache.

Thanks a lot, best regards.

  Erik van der Meulen <e.van.der.meulen at avondel.nl>

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