[Mailman-Users] users confused about unsubscribing

Haxial support at haxial.com
Fri Feb 1 09:05:11 CET 2002

Hi, first of all I'd like to say that Mailman is great.

However, there's one thing about it that I think could be improved.  I 
find that users are confused about how to unsubscribe, and then they 
email me asking me to remove them from the list because they couldn't 
figure it out themselves.  It's irritating having to answer that question.

I think what happens is this:  the user receives another message from the 
mailing list, and decides they no longer want to be on the list.  So they 
look to the instructions at the bottom of the email.  There is the URL 
there, so they click the URL which takes them to the lists page.  Then 
they see the sections/titles on that page:

   About Discussion
   Using Discussion
   Subscribing to Discussion
   Discussion Subscribers

But wait, there's no option there for unsubscribing!  So then they email 
me asking how to unsubscribe.

Yes, I know if you look more carefully, if you read the text at the end 
of the "Discussion Subscribers" section, it says:   "To change your 
subscription (set options like digest and delivery modes, get a reminder 
of your password, or unsubscribe from Discussion), enter your 
subscription email address".  And then click "Edit Options", and THEN on 
that second page you can enter your password to unsubscribe.

But users don't see that.  I even missed it myself the first time.   It's 
easy to miss because it's a single word in a sentence that is talking 
about something completely unrelated (editing options).

What would be much better is if you added another title/section similar 
to the "Subscribing to Discussion" section but titled "Unsubscribing".  
And you type in your email address and your password, and click the 
"Unsubscribe" button.  Then it would be clear and obvious.


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