[Mailman-Users] mysterious bounce

Mark Fyffe mark at accessidaho.org
Fri Feb 1 20:50:14 CET 2002


I'm attempting to set up mailman 2.0.8:

Solaris 8
Python 2.1.2
Qmail 1.03

I send a message to a list "developers". Everything seems fine, the
message is received by mailman, gets archived.  There no errors dumped to
syslog or to $prefix/logs/error, nor are any messages reported by qmail
after the message has been delivered to mailman.

The message is not sent back out to the members of the list, and the
following appears in the "bounce" log file:

Feb 01 14:18:02 2002 (26342) Developers: mark at accessidaho.org - 1 more
allowed over 430138 secs

Other than this, there is no evidence of the bounce, or even of mailman
trying to send the mail.  Since I get the list owner's info message when
creating the list, I'm convinced that mailman knows how to send mail, but
it doesn't appear to by trying to distribute the message to the list.

The only other log messages to appear anywhere, including syslog, after
mailman has received the mail are:

logs/smtp: Feb 01 14:18:02 2002 (26342) smtp for 1 recips, completed in
0.257 seconds
logs/post: Feb 01 14:18:02 2002 (26342) post to developers from
mark at accessidaho.org, size=366, 1 failures

Blah :-)  Any help?


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