[Mailman-Users] Listreminder without PWs

Matthias Jaenichen mj at percomp.de
Sun Feb 3 09:20:52 CET 2002


As we have chosen to use SSL with the Mailman-Interface it would be nice to 
get more protection for the passwords.

1.) How can we send the list reminders without the PWs?

2.) How can we limit User- and Listadministration from WEB only (no e-mail)?

3.) What about the e-mail itself? Any ideas, how to encrypt the e-mails, so 
that non-list-members will not be able to read them?

4.) Certainly there are more steps to be taken to make MailMan more secure. 
We have already chosen QMail, Apache and RSBAC to protect the system but 
are there any plans/implementations to improve MailMan in such direction?


Matthias Jänichen

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