[Mailman-Users] Feature request

Matthias Jaenichen mj at percomp.de
Sun Feb 3 09:37:51 CET 2002

At 17:34 01.02.02 +0100, René Nieuwburg wrote:
>I don't know what happened since version 2.06, but could you consider 
>adding some archival options:
>- Other archive formats like zip.(somehow my WinRar does not read the 
>format while it usually does).
>- The ability to archive Text-only, or HTML. It will be hard to explain to 
>some to put their email program in text - only. Result is an unreadable 
>code. Do you know of any utility to convert it into plain text or HTML?

even if you use TEXT, but have nonstandard chars in the text/subject like 
"äöü" the archives become unreadable.

I think the problem here is that the format it is stored in the archives is 
the only "transportable" one. If we strip html, the message might loose 
significant information, if we transform into something Windows-readable it 
might not readable by MACs or UNIX.

BUT I agree for the Web-Interface: to view the archives the mails must be 
transformed into something readable.


Matthias Jänichen

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