[Mailman-Users] MySQL back end to Mailman?

Chris Hedemark hedemark at duke.edu
Mon Feb 4 00:27:33 CET 2002

Boy is it hard doing a search for this stuff because of the infrastructural
uses of both components causing their names to be archived in many totally
unrelated places...

A little birdy said that Mailman was going to support a MySQL back end in
2.1.  Is this true?  If so I can't find anything about that on the Mailman
web site.  Where can I learn more about this?  And how close is it to being
ready for general consumption?

Reason I ask is I am currently building a PHP system for managing clubs and
would like to use Mailman as the mailing list manager instead of having to
waste lots of time reinventing the wheel and coming up short.  The
membership database will be kept in MySQL which I would like Mailman to use.


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