[Mailman-Users] Crons don't run (Mailman & Htdig)

Sasa Janiska sjaniska at inet.hr
Mon Feb 4 19:25:30 CET 2002

On Today, -0000, Richard Barrett wrote:

Hi Richard!
> In fact think that we are all the way there. There is no real distinction
> between private and public archives when it comes to the way the script
> nightly_htdig works to build the htdig indexes, although the distinction is
> made when it comes to subsequently accessing those search indexes via the
> list's search form.

Yes, you're right.

> If you want to check what I have said then run nightly_htdig by hand with
> the -v flag. This will cause the script to output a line for each file
> saying it is skipping the list because there are no recent posts or it is
> htdig'ing the list archive if there are recent posts. If you run the script
> twice in quick succession, it usually doesn't do any htdig'ing the second
> time around.

After sending one message to pirvate list and running by hand, the
script run, but before it reproted that it skipped lists because there
wer no new posts.

Just another question: I put GZIP_ARCHIVE_TXT_FILES = 0 in mm_cfg.py.

Is something else neede to get gzipp-ed archives?

Thank you very much for your help.

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