[Mailman-Users] weekly *AND* daily digest from the same list

Jon Carnes jonc at haht.com
Tue Feb 5 16:13:10 CET 2002

First of all Nigel has a great solution:  include a second list as a member
of the first list and let the second list's archives be weekly.

Second, not every Mailman guru reads the list on a daily basis - and they
certainly don't cruise the archives looking for problems that haven't been
solved - soooo... I think it is perfectly legitimate to wait a few days or a
week and resubmit a question.

Just my 2¢

Jon Carnes
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> On Tue, 2002-02-05 at 13:09, Lafleur Maurice wrote:
> > Is there a way to have MM generate both daily *and* weekly digest of the
> > same mailing list?
> No.  Asking again won't help either [See *note]
> Nearest compromise is starting a second list which is digest only and is
> subscribed to the first list (or the original alias into the list
> duplicates the message to both lists).
> Frankly I fail to see while this is useful.  If you have a low traffic
> list where some days don't have any messages then your daily digests
> just won't happen on some days.  If you have a higher traffic list then
> your weekly digests will be flushed several times a week by the size
> constraint - taking the size constraint off will result in digests that
> are too big to be read comfortably.
> Nigel.
> [*Note]
> It seems to be getting more common that people posting queries to the
> list believe they are owed timely answers and keep repeating the
> question until someone answers.  Its worked in this case - which means I
> am sending the wrong signal out here.  So starting from now, when I see
> a repeated question like this I will either ignore it or privately flame
> the originator depending on how bad a day its been.  Pretty much the
> same applies to those who mail me privately apparently believing I owe
> them answers to their problems, and my employers pay me to answer their
> questions.
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