[Mailman-Users] email address datastore

Dan Mick dmick at utopia.West.Sun.COM
Wed Feb 6 07:54:41 CET 2002

Hint: it's not in a "file" per se; that information is part of the
MailList object, which is stored in the marshal 'config.db' in
the list data directory.

But surely you can change this with web commands.  Figure out
what you want to change, and there's certainly going to be
a web admin interface to change it (in 90% of cases).

> I am continuing my work on getting mailman working, and need to figure out
> where some data is stored.  For example:
> When I run the following on list Jack_domainname.com:
> ----------------------------
> root at porsche /home/mailman/bin> python -i withlist Jack_domainname.com
> Loading list: jack_analoghost.com (unlocked)
> >>> print m.GetListEmail()
> Jack at domainname.com
> >>>
> Finalizing
> -----------------------------
> What file is it pulling that information from?  I can't seem to find it with
> grep in the mailman home dir.  Once I do find it, I need to change it ;o)
> Thanks for you help
> Ryan LeBlanc
> hosting at analoghosting.com

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