[Mailman-Users] Err: setting Admin-Password on one Mailmanlist

Robert Einsle robert at einsle.de
Wed Feb 6 18:25:21 CET 2002

Hello all

I'va a Problem I don't understand. 

I'm using mailman 2.0.8 on my system. When i go with the side-Password
to one of my Lists, and i set the Admin-Password new, i cannot login
with this newly set password to the list. I can only connect via the
side-password-list. I've looked about the rights on 
/var/lib/mailman/lists/afu-kurs (afu-kurs is the name of the List with
the password-Prob), but i cannot see an difference to other Lists.
This Prob is only one of my Mailman-Lists.

Where can i look for my Prob

Thanks very lot.


Robert Einsle

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