[Mailman-Users] question

Diana H. Bloomfield dlhbloom at mindspring.com
Wed Feb 6 19:27:42 CET 2002

I've written a couple of people about this, and I get conflicting
answers.  Here's my question.  I belong(ed) to a discussion group for a
couple of years.  Because the posts were so frequent, I opted for the
digest version.  If people don't send in their e-mail in plain text, all
the HTML coding and MIME junk comes across.  In the last few months
especially, this became intolerable, with most of the digests filling an
entire page with this stuff.

I asked the list moderator to do something.  He didn't write in to the
list at all, until someone else did, reminding everyone to send in
e-mails in plain text.  Only then did he write something reminding
everyone.  That works for about a day.  I waited a few weeks and asked
again if there was nothing he could do to filter this mess out.  He said
he "worked all day," had not time to spend on it, suggested I start my
own list, and said his server would not allow him any filtering
capabilities.  He uses Mailman 2.0.  Is this true?  He said he would
have to moderate each e-mail individually and manually bounce each one
back to the sender.

I have read up on Mailman, and from what I can tell, Mailman does have
the capability to do the automatic filtering (or whatever you call it).
So is the list manager a liar, just stupid, or incompetent?  Is there
any scenario that would not allow Mailman 2.0 to accomplish this task
and this list manager to implement this?

Thanks for your answer.  I ended up unsubscribing, because the junk was
so intolerable.  I was getting more junk than messages.

--D. Bloomfield

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