[Mailman-Users] HTML formatting in digests

marina marina at reliance.it
Thu Feb 7 07:03:05 CET 2002

Will the formatting of email messages in digests be fixed in 2.1?

The reason I'm asking is that, even though I do have access to a 
competent Python programmer, we manage a large mailing list on a 
server that we do not have admin access to. We get daily complaints 
from Internet users about the formatting of the digests.

For those who have never seen this digest problem, I include an 
excerpt from yesterday's digest for the Mailman-user group (no 
criticism of the poster, btw - this is a common problem).



  >Content-Type: text/html;
  >	charset="iso-8859-1"
  ><META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
  ><META NAME="Generator" CONTENT="MS Exchange Server version 5.5.2653.12">
  ><TITLE>RE: [Mailman-Users] Point directly to listinfo</TITLE>
  ><P><FONT SIZE=2>Thanks for the suggestion, but I am&nbsp; not sure 
of the exact meaning of your solution.</FONT>
  ><P><FONT SIZE=2>Here's what Ii understand:</FONT>
  ><P><FONT SIZE=2>I checked my /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf file and 
yes it says:</FONT>
  ><P><FONT SIZE=2>LoadModule rewrite_module&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 
  ><P><FONT SIZE=2>in the file.</FONT>
  ><P><FONT SIZE=2>Then I copied the lines you suggest in that file (I 
placed them right after the ScriptAlias lines)</FONT>
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>I restarted the httpd daemon (killall -HUP httpd) 
and accessed my site. Same page as before. Am I missing a step?</FONT>
  ><P><FONT SIZE=2>Thanks</FONT>
  ><P><FONT SIZE=2>&gt; -----Original Message-----</FONT>
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt; From: Richard Barrett [<A 
HREF="mailto:R.Barrett at ftel.co.uk">mailto:R.Barrett at ftel.co.uk</A>]</FONT>
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt; Sent: February 6, 2002 12:33 PM</FONT>
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt; To: Lafleur Maurice; mailman-users at python.org</FONT>
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt; Subject: Re: [Mailman-Users] Point directly 
to listinfo</FONT>
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt; </FONT>
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt; </FONT>
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt; At 11:45 06/02/2002 -0500, Lafleur Maurice 
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt; </FONT>
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt; &gt;The list server I am setting up is only 
used for lists. I </FONT>
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt; want the default </FONT>
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt; &gt;page from apache to be 
my.server.org/mailman/listinfo </FONT>
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt; directly. I tried to </FONT>
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt; &gt;make a symlink between 
/var/www/html/index.html and </FONT>
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt; &gt;/home/mailmna/cgi-bin/listinfo :</FONT>
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt; &gt;</FONT>
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt; &gt;ln -s /home/mailman/cgi-bin/listinfo 
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt; </FONT>
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt; This will not work as you are trying to link 
a static page to </FONT>
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt; a cgi script. </FONT>
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt; The link is fine but Apache cannot interpret 
this as you want.</FONT>
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt; </FONT>
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt; Asdsuming you have mod_rewrite installed, the 
following </FONT>
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt; Apache re-write </FONT>
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt; rules will work to &quot;transparently&quot; 
redirect the URI '/' and </FONT>
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt; '/index.html' </FONT>
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt; to the cgi-script</FONT>
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt; </FONT>
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt; RewriteRule ^/$ /mailman/listinfo [PT]</FONT>
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt; RewriteRule ^/index.html$ /mailman/listinfo [PT]</FONT>
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt; </FONT>
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt; Whether you will get any knock-on problems 
with the browser </FONT>
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt; interpreting </FONT>
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt; relative links on the pages returned 
incorrectly is another </FONT>
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt; issue. If that </FONT>
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt; happens your may want to use the rewrite 
rules to redirect / </FONT>
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt; and /index.html:</FONT>
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt; </FONT>
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt; RewriteRule ^/$ /mailman/listinfo [R,L]</FONT>
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt; RewriteRule ^/index.html$ /mailman/listinfo 
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt; </FONT>
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt; </FONT>
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt; &gt;but I get a Mailman CGI error page when I 
browse my server.</FONT>
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt; &gt;</FONT>
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt; &gt;If I access </FONT>
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt; &gt;&lt;<A 
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>ailman/listinfo </FONT>
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt;directly it works fine.</FONT>
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt;</FONT>
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt;I know it is something real simple and obvious 
but I can't seem to think </FONT>
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt;strait today.</FONT>
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt;</FONT>
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt;Thanks</FONT>
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt;</FONT>
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt;MGL</FONT>
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt;--</FONT>
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt;Maurice G. Lafleur&nbsp; 
+ Voice: +1(819).778.2270 
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt;Heritage College&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; + 
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt;325 Cite des Jeunes + mailto: 
mlafleur at cegep-heritage.qc.ca&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt;Hull. 
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt;Canada</FONT>
  ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt;J8Y 6T3</FONT>

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