[Mailman-Users] send a mail to all subscribers of several list

Solignani Tiziano solignani at solignani.it
Thu Feb 7 15:55:12 CET 2002

Rodolfo Pilas said:
> El jue, 07-02-2002 a las 08:37, Solignani Tiziano escribió:
>> 	Hello everybody,
>> 	I just subscribed. I installed mailman a month ago and I love it.
>> 	Do you by any chance know I can send a message to all the
>> subscribers of several lists, avoiding of course duplicates?
> With $PREFIX/bin/list_members you can obtain text files with member
> list.  Then a simple   cat * | sort | uniq   of all member files, you
> will obtain that you wish.

Thanks. And what about building an umbrella list? The way you suggested I
should repeat the whole thing every time I have to send a message to


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