[Mailman-Users] Version 1.1 versus 2.07

David Massey dmassey at korrnet.org
Thu Feb 7 20:09:09 CET 2002

Hi. KORRnet is a community electronic network based in Knoxville, Tenn. We
have been operating 1.1 for quite sometime. We wish to upgrade to 2.07.
However, I have the following questions:

	1) What's involved in converting the lists & files created in 1.1 over to
	2) Does 2.07 allow the list manager or individual subscriber to include the
individual's name as well as the email address? Our list managers complain
that it is hard to keep track of a long list of email addresses without a
full name identifier.
	3) We plan on using Mailman as a community bulletin board for a project
called "One Community, One Book," sponsored by our local library. Everyone
in the county will be encouraged to read the same book and then attend
discussion groups at library branches and bookstores. KORRnet will host the
online discussion using Mailman. (Obvious advantage: you can check into the
archives without receiving the messages but you can opt to receive the
	The problem is, this project is starting soon. I am not sure we can convert
fast enough. Does 2.07 offer substantial improvements over 1.1 in these
bulletin board type functions?

Any advice would be appreciated.

David Massey
Executive Director
KORRnet (Knoxville-Oak Ridge Regional Network)
dmassey at korrnet.org

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